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Important Notices


Updated January 7, 2014

We have learned that phishing emails are being sent out that appear to be from Target.  As a precaution, we are asking United Republic Bank customers to proceed with caution if an e-mail is received from Target.  Please do NOT OPEN any links that may be included in these e-mails as that could potentially allow unintended access to personal information.

We have identified the debit cards issued by United Republic Bank and used by our customers at Target during the specified time frame identified in the data breach.  We've made personal phone calls to each impacted customer and have subsequently ordered new cards.  For those customers unreachable by phone, we've mailed formal correspondence to the address on file outlining further detail.

More information about the data breach can be found on Target's website.  To be redirected, click here.

As a normal course of business, rest assured knowing we continuously monitor all credit and debit accounts for signs of fraud daily.  Whether or not you've shopped at Target recently, we recommend that customers monitor their accounts daily using Online Banking.  If a transaction  you don't recognize appears, please call us during normal business hours at (402) 505-8500 or at (800) 472-3727 after business hours.  Thank you for joining our ongoing effort to secure and protect your personal, financial information.


National Mortgage Licensing System


Our Mortgage Loan Officers are registered with the National Mortgage Licensing System and Registry (NMLS). Beginning July 30, 2011 consumers may search for individual mortgage professionals working for federally insured depository institutions at:

Our registered Mortgage Loan Officers are:

Katherine (Katie) Henry

NMLS # 472826

Kathie Sparks

NMLS # 472832

Erol Kinkaid

NMLS # 568980 

Rebecca (Becky) John

NMLS # 1213844

Amy Mrsny

NMLS #  882207

Larry Marinovic

NMLS # 1198578

Jonathan (Jon) Rohlfs

NMLS # 472831

Mike Pate

NMLS # 472829

Brook Fischer

NMLS # 472825 

Katherine Ann Ulmer

NMLS # 1375815 

Dave Arkfeld

NMLS # 290570